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11 May, 2016
7 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge Screen Protectors

Acquiring a smart phone is an expensive affair to start with. The Samsung S6 is a huge investment to many thus it is necessary to ensure protection of the phone’s value. For this particular smart phone, its glass screen is the most vulnerable of all areas. It is therefore important to shield it from dust, UV rays, scratching, glare and breakages. To ensure such damages do not occur, screen protectors are mandatory. Screen protectors (may be either glass or plastic), are placed on top of touch screens, fitting the exact shape of the phone. Most screen protectors use clear & paper — thin materials such that the user will not even notice their presence on the phone. This guide shall take you through the best 10 of the available screen protectors both in online offline stores in 2016.

17 Jul, 2017
Top 10 best 6GB Smartphones 2017 | Tech portal

We are discussing the best 6GB RAM smartphones .which has been already launched and expected to launch. so guys now please see the List of Best 6GB RAM Mobiles .

04 Oct, 2016

Android operating system of Google is ruling 21st centuries smartphone market. With the increasing competition and customer demand, companies are releasing android phones with 4GB and 6GB DDR4 Ram with updated features. All of those smartphones are 4G enabled with exclusive features. We have gathered all the information’s and listed those according to their various features. We believe we have compiled the best available 10 smartphone devices so that you can choose which one fulfills your yearnings and which one should be brought in SEPTEMBER .

24 Feb, 2016
HostGator Web Hosting

The company was started by a college student who recognized the need for a hosting company that could offer more to its customers – one that would build a good reputation and create strong ties with the community

05 Mar, 2015
Best 100% free Android apps 2015

Den enorme mengden av apps betyr ikke at de er alle kvalitet - langt fra det faktisk

04 Mar, 2015
OnePlus 2 could get a metal makeover

OnePlus 2 vil ha en metallramme. Gjennom artikkelen går på å kontrastere dette med polykarbonat tilbake på OnePlus One, så det er ikke klart om de egentlig mener en metallramme eller et metall tilbake.

04 Mar, 2015
iPhone 6S could include 2GB of RAM and the innovative Apple SIM

Med Samsung Galaxy S6 og HTC One M9 ut slik mange rykte mongers setter blikket tilbake på iPhone 6S, og de siste hvisker tyder på at Apples neste telefon kan inkludere 2GB RAM, noe som er dobbelt så mye som finnes i iPhone 6.

04 Mar, 2015
Sony Xperia Z4 release date, news and rumors

Det kan ikke virke så lenge siden siden Xperia Z3 ble lansert, men med Sonys hurtige lanseringsplan for sitt flaggskip smartphones ryktene mill har allerede jobbet overtid.

02 Mar, 2015
You'll soon be able to use your phone as an Android TV game controller

Endelig Google lar brukerne kombinere middelmådighet av Android gaming med den forferdelige opplevelsen av å bruke berøringsskjerm / akselerometer spillkontroller.

26 Feb, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge revealed in all their glory

Samsungs Galaxy S6 og Galaxy S6 Edge er tungt ryktet å komme på en hendelse 1. mars, og vi vet allerede ganske mye om dem.

26 Feb, 2015
Is there a point to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's curved screen?

Den kommende Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge er satt til å skille seg ut fra mengden med en skjerm som kurver rundt ingen, som Galaxy Note Edge, men to sider.

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